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Say My Name Scam
Say My Name Scam

Say My Name Scam – The majority of male drivers are perceived by riders as serial criminals and killers, so drivers are banding together to fight the Say My Name Scam. Is it a real con or just a precautionary measure by riders? Let’s embark on a journey together.

Josephson, a 21-year-old college student, was killed after getting into a car she mistook for an Uber in early 2019. She asked for a ride home from her college in downtown Columbia, South Carolina.

She got into the car without first confirming that he was the Uber driver she had requested, and she was killed by a man impersonating an Uber driver. Later, her family launched the “#WhatsMyName” hashtag movement to raise awareness among Uber and Lyft drivers.

This hashtag’s primary objective was to ensure that the riders arrived home safely. A website was also created to instruct passengers about how to locate the appropriate bus.

The Uber drivers, on the other hand, were totally overlooked in this situation. Since not every rider they pick up is a normal citizen, Uber drivers are also worried about their safety. They’ve been duped several times as well. Let’s take a look at how far the “Say My Name Scam” has progressed.

About Say My Name Scam

The Uber Say My Name Scam is a new method of defrauding drivers. It all begins when the drivers arrive to pick up the passenger. “What rider name are you looking for?” the passenger asks as he opens the door. The rider’s name is usually called out by the driver. The unidentified passenger then says, “Yes, that’s me,” and enters the vehicle.

The driver then double-checks the address by repeating the address entered into the app. The trip starts after the passenger accepts the drop-off spot.

Since the driver can only see the rider’s name on the app, this is usually sufficient confirmation for the driver. Most of the time, the name is given on the app is a fictitious name or a nickname.

After a few miles, the rider will call someone and request that the driver stop at a specific location for a few minutes. He or she may also say “end the trip” or “be right back,” but they never return after getting out of the car.

The driver will not realize the passenger was a swindler until the original passenger calls to ask where he is going or why he hasn’t arrived yet.

Uber Say My Name Scam

Drivers are concerned about the scam because they have no idea who they would have in their car the next moment. Uber and Lyft drivers have expressed their concerns on a variety of social media sites, but they have yet to be addressed by Uber and Lyft.

When discussing the scam, a driver commented on Reddit that it feels strange when someone asks the driver to repeat his or her name several times despite the fact that they already have the vehicle and driver’s information in their profile.

The app even displays the driver’s picture, as well as the car’s brand, type, and licence plate. The drivers claim that even with all of the information in their app, they would be so stupid to get into the wrong car.

Drivers believe that instead of passengers asking for the driver’s name, they should confirm the rider’s name. This is due to the fact that riders frequently use fictitious names or nicknames on their accounts. This is the only information drivers receive from the rider.


This was all about the Say My Name Scam and the dangers it might pose to the drivers involved. Hopefully, the details presented in this article will assist you in remaining vigilant and making sound decisions.